Military Embedded Systems

Joint-force operations to be enhanced with Thales' situational awareness software


April 14, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Thales image.

FRANCE. NATO has awarded Thales a contract for the delivery of Increment 2 for the NATO Common Operational Picture (NCOP) program, which will aim to provide joint forces under NATO command with enhanced situational awareness and decision support in the theater.

According to officials, the situational awareness system is intended to give NATO commanders a shared picture of an area of interest or mission to enhance overall awareness of joint forces operations and support mission planning, coordination, and command.

NCOP will aim to capture, aggregate, and correlate information to generate a single, comprehensive picture of the theater of operations, intended to provide a Common Operational Picture (COP) that will ensure that each entity has a shared view of the location, actions, and intentions of the forces in the field.

Thales has developed a software system based on an open architecture that is designed to provide the operational community with secure access to multiple COPs overlays on a geospatial reference. Tactical information from multiple systems and data sources will aim to improve situational awareness for joint forces by displaying mission-critical elements such as operations in progress, logitics, environmental conditions, and more.

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