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Quantum-computing startup says it will achieve useful computations in two years


January 11, 2024

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

QuEra image

BOSTON. Quantum-computing startup QuEra announced that it will accomplish error correction for quantum computing in two years, and enable useful computations using it, by 2026. 

Quantum error correction -- which the company calls "critical to fulfill the immense promise of quantum computers" -- addresses the inherent fragility of quantum states and the susceptibility of qubits (the basic unit of information in quantum operations) to interference from their environment, which can lead to errors in quantum computations. By implementing error-correction protocols, quantum computers can maintain the integrity of quantum information over longer periods, thereby enabling them to perform complex calculations beyond the reach of conventional computers. This integrity enhances the reliability and scalability of quantum systems and will eventually enable groundbreaking advancements in fields ranging from materials science to drug discovery and optimization problems.

The QuEra announcement lays out a roadmap for 2024-2026, with a three-phase release of its revolutionary quantum computers. 

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