Military Embedded Systems

Secure smartphones and tablets for defense coming from Samsung and General Dynamics


May 29, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. General Dynamics C4 Systems and Samsung are teaming to provide Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE?) smartphones and tablet devices with General Dynamics defense-level information and cyber security technologies. The SAFE tablets and smartphones also have the Samsung Secure Android platform and will a cost-effective commercial technology solution for for military and government agencies, law enforcement and public safety, as well as financial, utility, and other industry personnel who need to be able to browse the Internet and access secure networks.

Working in cyberspace and on commercial cell phone networks on the same device has become hazardous, especially if you are sharing sensitive data, says Chris Marzilli, General Dynamics C4 Systems president. This combination of defense-level cyber security with Samsung’s commercial devices creates cost-effective secure mobile devices, he adds.

The secure technologies that will be integrated into the Samsung devices are similar to those that protect information classified from the Secret level and below for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), federal agencies and coalition partners. The enhanced Samsung products should be available by the middle of 2013 and will be sold by General Dynamics and also through government contract vehicles such as the General Services Administration (GSA).

Samsung's new secure platform has secure separation of work spaces, FIPS-certified VPN and on-device encryption, fortified mobile device management (MDM) as well as integrity management features, say Samsung officials.


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