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x86 SMARC Module for Rugged Mobility and Mission Critical Applications

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SM-C93Optimized for flexibility and reliability, SECO’s SM-C93 SMARC system on module (SOM) provides developers of rugged mobile devices and low power edge equipment with a proven embedded computing platform. 

The SM-C93 is powered by Intel® Atom® x6000E Series processors (formerly Elkhart Lake), with  dual and quad core SKUs (4.5W – 12W thermal design power) for embedded and real time applications. This latest generation embedded processor has up to 1.5x better multithread and up to 2x better graphics performance than the previous generation. 

The SM-C93 can drive up to 3 displays and 4K resolution via LVDS, eDP, and HDMI outputs. Up to 16GB Quad Channel LPDDR4 soldered DRAM is available with In-Band Error Correction Code (IBECC), which detects and corrects single-bit memory errors, to enhance safety and reliability. Connectivity includes: 2x GbE with precision time protocol (IEEE 1588) for time sensitive networking (TSN), optional SERDES for 3rd GbE, up to 4x PCIe Gen3 lanes. Audio interface, USB, UARTs, and I2C are also available. 

The SM-C93 supports industrial temperature operation (-40C to 85C). Passive thermal management solutions are available. Initially available operating systems include Linux (Yocto) and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. Please inquire about other operating systems, such as VxWorks.

The SM-C93 complies with the small form factor (50 x 82 mm) SMARC® Rel 2.1.1 specification. The SOM may be incorporated onto a compatible carrier board, including customer-built designs. 

Leveraging industrial safety technology, the SM-C93 was designed to fully comply with IEC 61508 and ISO 13849 Functional Safety (FuSa). FuSa features may be leveraged for military/defense applications - perfect where safety requirements dictate fail-safe operation for avoiding harmful situations.

The SM-C93 is available now from SECO, a founding member of Standardization Group for Embedded Trechnologies (SGeT), the governing body of the SMARC standard. 

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