Military Embedded Systems

Eighth GPS IIF satellite now active


December 19, 2014

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. Boeing activated its eighth Global Positioning System IIF satellite after it completed on-orbit checkout and joined the active 31-satellite constellation.

This latest satellite, dubbed GPS Space Vehicle-69, was launched Oct. 29 and completed on-orbit checkout and validation last week on Dec. 12.

Boeing and the U.S. Air Force have now placed four GPS-IIF satellites into service in 2014, adding to the modernization effort with new, advanced atomic clocks, stronger anti-jamming, a new, third civil signal, and longer design life.

The Air Force GPS modernization is a long-term initiative to further enhance GPS signal accuracy, strength, and quality while also providing new military and civil signals to benefit the growing user community.


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