Military Embedded Systems

Raytheon UK buys space surveillance company involved in military satellite constellations


July 18, 2022

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Illustration courtesy of Raytheon UK

LONDON, United Kingdom. Raytheon UK has announced it will acquire Northern Space and Security Ltd. (NORSS), a company that specializes in space domain awareness, orbital analysis, space surveillance, and tracking.

NORSS currently provides orbital analysis technical services to the UK Space Agency, and the company is also contracted with the Ministry of Defence to develop a new simulator system for development and testing of military satellite systems and constellations, according to a Raytheon UK statement.

The aim of the agreement with NORSS for Raytheon UK is to build a "global space capability for governments," Raytheon stated, adding that NORSS will allow them to expand into new markets.

NORSS, which was founded in 2017, states on their website that their mission is to create opportunities in space for industry, academic, and government use.

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