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The New Space Race: an Agile Odyssey

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October 28, 2019

Space is back in style. Literally. From new space suits for the first space tourists, to limited-edition NASA bomber jackets, the space market is seeing a renaissance of interest. And with it comes a new infusion of start-ups revolutionizing space tech. John McHale, editorial director for Military Embedded Systems, and industry experts talk about all the different areas that are getting disrupted and what tomorrow’s space leaders should address in the latest episodes of The New Space Race, an original podcast series from Wind River.

Tune in and find out what industry experts from Deloitte, Airbus, and Wind River think about:
• The emerging commercial space industry, market growth and supply chain changes
• Technology procurement trends and system requirements
• Agile and DevOps practices that are changing design paradigms across the development, launch, and upgrade segments

To learn more about the system development trends in the space industry, listen the podcasts



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