Military Embedded Systems

High Data Rate Base Waveform achieves acceptance for SDR use


May 14, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

High Data Rate Base Waveform achieves acceptance for SDR use
a4ESSOR photo.

EUROPE. a4ESSOR S.A.S (Alliance for ESSOR), a multi-national joint venture to develop European Secure Software-Defined Radio (ESSOR) technology, announced it has achieved formal acceptance for its High Data Rate (HDR) Base Waveform which has been developed under the European Secure Software defined Radio-Operational Capability 1 (ESSOR OC1) contract signed with Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’ARmement (OCCAR).

Formal acceptance of the ESSOR High Data Rate Base Waveform furthers the successful acceptance tests at Leonardo’s laboratories in Pisa last November, which were followed by formal quality acceptance. 

a4ESSOR’s partners will be porting the ESSOR HDR Base Waveform to their respective software defined radios (SDR) as part of the next phase of the project. Final interoperability tests between the partners’ radios will complete the ESSOR OC1 project, with the release of improved and up-to-date ESSOR Target Waveforms, ready to deploy in the operational field.

a4ESSOR is a joint venture between Bittium (Finland), Indra (Spain), Leonardo (Italy), Radmor (Poland), Rohde & Schwarz (Germany) and Thales (France). The joint venture is responsible for managing industrial activities under the ESSOR programme and coordinating the partners’ work.

The ESSOR program's goal is to develop SDR architecture and the new coalition ESSOR HDR WF in order to facilitate interoperability between European armed forces.

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