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ADL Embedded Solutions

4411 Morena Blvd. Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92117-4345
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(858) 490-0597
ADL Embedded Solutions
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ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. Announces ADLEPC-1700 Full-Featured, Ultra-Compact Embedded PC - Press Release

October 26, 2020

ADL Embedded Solutions Inc. (ADLES), a leading provider of high-performance embedded solutions, has announced today its ultra-compact ADLEPC-1700 Embedded PC. At only 2.1” x 4.6” x 3.3”, the ADLEPC-1700 is a full-feature embedded PC targeted for rugged industrial applications. It is ideally suited as an IIoT edge device designed for a variety of settings including cybersecurity of critical infrastructure like power grid, oil and gas, refineries and other similar high-value operations. Its compact size and flexible mounting options make it easy to retrofit into existing equipment.


Chassis adds IP67 integration for military applications - Product

June 12, 2017
The ADLMES9200 IP67 chassis is a successor to ADL Embedded Solutions? ADLMES8200 IP65 chassis system. Additional features include lower weight, lower cost, and IP67 integration for rugged military and industrial applications. Design features for military/defense systems include MIL-...