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Big-screen biometric apps, stand aside: Off-the-shelf smartphones enable rapid suspect ID for warfighters, intelligence ops - Story

December 05, 2012
Editor's note: It sounds like something straight out of "Covert Affairs" or the "The Bourne Identity," but this time it's got a twist. Face biometric and facial recognition software hits up databases for their best shot at a face match, but it's not on the big screen nor at the local CIA or other intelligence agency office. Instead, biometric face recognition software is right in the operator's hands - via an off-the-shelf iPhone or Android-based smartphones - giving warfighters and intelligence operatives in the field the chance to autonomously identify suspects or persons of interest within seconds or minutes. Editor Sharon Hess recently caught up with Animetrics President and CEO Paul Schuepp to find out more. Edited excerpts follow.