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When will artificial general intelligence be ready for smart weapon and sensor systems? - Story

June 17, 2020

By David Sherwood and Terry Higbee

Modern sensors and weapon systems, particularly those associated with autonomous vehicles, will be required to make smart, trustworthy decisions in milliseconds. But is today’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology up to the task? Current AI solutions can perform quite well at detecting patterns in data, but fall far short of understanding the meaning and relevance of those patterns in a way that resembles how humans understand information. Furthermore, today’s technology is computationally slow, brittle, and opaque; when the response is not right it can be catastrophically wrong and subsequently cannot explain how it arrived at the answer. Although AI systems are still quite far from human-like reasoning, recent developments in artificial general intelligence (AGI) are making enormous strides in the right direction. This reality will revolutionize sensors, weapon systems, and other defense embedded systems.