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Leveraging ARINC 818 for military avionics and sensor applications - Podcast

April 28, 2021

The ARINC 818 digital video interface and protocol standard is used throughout commercial and military cockpits for avionics display applications. As military video systems continue to increase in complexity in and out of the cockpit, for example in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensor systems, the demand for ARINC 818 solutions is growing. In this podcast, Tim Keller, Chief Operations Officer at Great River Technology discusses defines what ARINC 818 is, discusses common misconceptions about the standard, and describes its growing use in sensor applications and in training and simulation applications. Keller also details new ARINC 818 training for engineers and explores how the standard could potentially work within the Sensor Open Systems Architecture Technical Standard.


Video converter module extends life of airborne video components - Product

October 11, 2018
Great River Technology (GRT) engineers developed the Video Converter Module (VCM) to extend the life of airborne video components by quickly linking them to ARINC 818 architecture. The VCM is matched to the user?s ICD [interface control document] and can be certified to DO-254 and DO...

Development suite for ARINC 818 installations - Product

September 08, 2015
Great River Technology's suite of tools for ARINC 818 (avionics digital video bus protocol) projects enables designers to design and implement system-critical video and data transmission products into cockpit displays, avionics graphics generators, infrared cameras and sensors.

Suite offers flexible video, data configurations - Product

April 12, 2015
The HOTLink II suite of products from Great River Technology can set up military and civilian aerospace designers with flexible tools for point-to-point uncompressed digital video transmission.

ARINC 818 tackles tough sensor fusion issues - Story

March 20, 2009
Sensor fusion systems continue to proliferate in military applications like surveillance, target tracking, and missile defense, but they bring their share of system-level challenges such as sensor synchronization, cabling weight, distance restrictions, and EMI. The authors discuss how ARINC 818 (Avionics Digital Video Bus) can be used as a flexible sensor interface to solve these system-level issues. Additionally, a bidirectional ARINC 818 system architecture scheme for time multiplexing multiple sensors onto a single fiber and implementing a return-path for sensor command and control is described.