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From Wall Street to the military: Advances in FPGA switching technology and software-to-hardware development tools facilitate wire-speed data transmission - Story

June 01, 2012
Reversing the historical trend of the U.S. military being the first to develop key technologies that fan out to the rest of society ? such as the Internet, radar, and lasers - Wall Street is now funding ultra-low-latency data transmission technologies facilitated by advanced FPGA switching techniques and unconventional software-to-hardware development tools.

Accelerating floating-point designs on FPGAs using math.h functions - Story

August 26, 2010
Floating-point math is increasingly necessary for 10/10ths accuracy in high-performance computing. Because hardware resources are not infinite for most of us, an understanding of practical approaches such as using math.h library functions for floating-point designs on FPGAs becomes integral.