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Motor control in "more electric" aircraft - Story

March 08, 2016
As commercial and defense aircraft users and integrators look to reduce their costs we see an advent of "more electric" aircraft (MEA) designs. These aircraft decrease operating and maintenance costs with faster and easier maintenance checks, increase aircraft availability by reducing mean time between failures (MTBFs), and reduce exhaust gas emissions because they are lighter, more efficient, and have fewer bulky systems on board. The MEA concept specifically replaces the traditional hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical systems with electrical systems, which weigh less, are easier to install and maintain, and improve fuel consumption. The goal is to ultimately have an all-electric aircraft.

Self-encrypting solid-state drive for sensitive data - Product

March 06, 2016
Microsemi?s 1 TB TRRUST-Stor SATA SLC self-encrypting solid-state drive is aimed at keeping sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands with features including AES-256 encryption, sanitization protocols, and Microsemi?s TRRUST Purge technology that renders data unrecoverab...

R&D Aviation Centre of Excellence facility opens its doors in Ireland - News

February 02, 2016
ALISO VIEJO, Calif. The Aviation Centre of Excellence has opened its doors in Ennis, Ireland. The research and development facility will support design, development, and manufacturing of Microsemi’s product line of aviation intelligent power solutions (IPS).

Encrypting storage in small form factors - Story

October 06, 2015
Self-encrypting storage devices are becoming increasingly popular in embedded systems. Whether employed in the commercial space to prevent end users from modifying manufacturer-installed software and policy (e.g., mobile-phone "rooting") or used in government systems to secure sensitive data against sophisticated adversaries, the threats and general threat-mitigation mechanisms remain the same.

Radiation-tolerant FPGAs solve the satellite signal processing bottleneck - Story

June 12, 2015
Dramatic increases in sensor resolution in remote-sensing space payloads are causing a processing bottleneck, as downlink bandwidth is not keeping pace. Operators require onboard processing so that satellites send processed information, not just raw data. It is a growing challenge for the roughly 100 remote sensing satellites launched each year, each carrying as many as eight payload instruments. Flash-based field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology is now being applied to the problem, combining high-speed signal processing with special built-in radiation mitigation techniques to keep systems operational in harsh radiation environments.

Solve obsolescence problems before they start - Story

September 10, 2013
The obsolescence of electronic components has long been a challenge in the defense market, where programs can run for decades, long product life is expected, and reliability is critical. Today, as military programs may be pushed out further and further because of funding issues, obsolescence management is more important than ever.