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Missile Defense Agency selects Raytheon for AN/TPY-2 radar contract modification - News

December 17, 2012
TEWKSBURY, MA. Raytheon won a contract modification from the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Ala., to produce and deliver the AN/TPY-2 Radar #11 with associated spares and three forward-based prime power units with associated spares.

Production-rate DARPA SeeMe satellite contract awarded to Raytheon - News

December 13, 2012
TUCSON, AZ. A $1.5 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract for the first phase of the Space enabled effects for Military engagements (SeeMe) program has been awarded to Raytheon Company. The nine-month contract will have Raytheon design small satellites capable of delivering on-demand imagery and information directly to the warfighter to enhance battlefield situational awareness.

DARPA program language, text comprehension awards funding to Raytheon BBN Technologies - News

December 05, 2012
CAMBRIDGE, MA. Raytheon BBN Technologies won a $16 million in funding to develop exploration and filtering tools to improve text comprehension. The contract is under the Deep Exploration and Filter of Text (DEFT) program, which is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory.

New lightweight, anti-jam GPS for ground systems contract won by Raytheon - News

December 03, 2012
HARLOW, United Kingdom. The UK Ministry of Defense chose Raytheon UK for a new GPS Anti-Jam Antenna System. Raytheon will provide an undisclosed number of advanced systems for deployment in operational theaters across multiple vehicle platforms.

Raytheon releases software data transfer solution for cross-domain mobile and tactical information sharing - News

November 08, 2012
WASHINGTON – Raytheon has released the software-based Small Format Guard (SFG), a cross-domain data transfer solution for SWaP-C-minded mobile tactical forces. The adaptable, multi-level data transfer solution is operable on AdvancedTCA (ATCA) processor boards, Single Board Computers (SBCs), or other rugged 64-bit x86 architectures, and supports a variety of security protocols for mission-specific requirements.

Secure data transfer for strict SWaP requirements released by Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions - News

November 05, 2012
WASHINGTON. Engineers at Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions (RTCS) released a secure data transfer solution called Small Format Guard for warfighters in mobile and tactical deployments.

Raytheon demos Army's SRW airborne and ground radios - News

October 31, 2012
MARLBOROUGH, Mass. Raytheon engineers demonstrated the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) on ground and airborne radio terminals, enabling warfighters to communicate over disparate networks.