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Military open architectures and VITA standards - Story

March 30, 2016
Custom designs and closed architectures are quickly becoming anachronisms, as commonality and interoperability of components are now standard requirements in military programs. More than two decades have passed since the famous commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) initiative hit the U.S. military market, and today common standards and COTS are now essential factors in every defense procurement equation. In this Q&A with Jerry Gipper, Executive Director of VITA ? the trade association behind standards such as VMEbus and VPX, he discusses how the defense community has moved away from custom, roll-your-own designs of embedded systems and is embracing open standards and open architectures in programs such as the U.S. Army?s MORA and VICTORY. He also provides an introduction to a new initiative being developed between VITA and the U.S. Navy, called HOST. Edited excerpts follow.

War with China - Blog

March 29, 2016
EVOLUTION OF WARFARE Blog. In the last installment, we looked at how we stood in a war with Russia. Now, let?s take a look at China, from publicly available information.