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Cybersecurity for the Intelligent Edge: A Microweb Tech Series

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September 23, 2020

Cybersecurity for the Intelligent Edge: A Microweb Tech Series

According to IDC, there will be an estimated 42 billion connected devices by 2025. Each of these devices represents a point of entry that can be exploited by a cyberattack. For devices and systems with safety-critical functionality, a security breach can have catastrophic consequences. Security becomes even more paramount than safety.

“You can have a secure system that is not safety critical, but you cannot have a safety-critical system that isn’t secure.” says Matt Jones, Chief Architect, Wind River.

Learn how to bake cybersecurity into can’t-fail devices and systems at the edge in this video series with Wind River. 

Click here to watch the seven-videos series

The series consists of seven videos. 

  • The Cybersecurity Journey Through the Full Product Lifecycle (3:08)
  • Capturing Use Case Security Requirements (4:56)
  • Building a Security Policy (4:22)
  • Designing with a Trusted Foundation (4:49)
  • Hardening and Fortifying (3:56)
  • Ongoing Threat Prevention (3:47)
  • Putting It All Together (3:14)

Your host for each, Arlen Baker, Principal Security Architect at Wind River, is a director-level cybersecurity technologist with more than 20 years experience architecting, securing, and deploying mission-critical systems for various markets including the defense, medical, and industrial sectors.


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