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6U and 3U VPX, 10G / 40G Ethernet Switches and Routing Engines

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6U and 3U VPX, 10G / 40G Ethernet Switches and Routing Engines

Elma offers industry leading Ethernet switching and routing boards featuring blazingly fast 40GigE and 10GigE advanced layer 3 routing and copper or fiber connectivity.

  • Designs use the latest Marvell switching silicon available
  • High-speed GigE, 10GigE, 40GigE and PCIe connectivity
  • Low volume customization
  • Rugged conduction- and air-cooled designs

Elma Ethernet switches and routing engines provide critical communication links in defense applications and our Model 4590a is compliant to the Department of Defense CMOSS (C4ISR Modular Open Suite of Standards) initiative in support of hardware convergence for reduced systems foot print and multivendor interoperability.

Elma is a major contributor to various OpenVPX technical committees and we are developers and manufacturers of key back plane designs that enable multi-vendor interoperability for best in class system level performance.

Designed and built by our partner and communications expert Interface Concept, the switches have a field-proven track record of operating in the most demanding environments - anything that rolls, floats, flies, submerges or sits still in the baking heat or the frigid cold. Elma is the North American sales, support and integration services provider for Interface Concept, a leading provider of advanced networking products with engineering support in Fremont, CA and Horsham, PA.

  • Actively deployed for over 10 years in defense programs
  • Rugged ground, air and sea vehicles in vital missions
  • Standard off the shelf  or custom configuration options

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