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VPX Development and Deployment Systems
Starting with our popular DK Series of development platforms for VPX and SOSA-aligned payloads, LCR Embedded Systems will work with you through every stage of system realization including final definition, manufacture and testing of the deployable chassis. The DK features an open frame concept and optimal combination of configurability, flexibility, size and weight for up to 8 VITA 48.2 air or conduction cooled modules. Our AoC and LoC Series of innovative ATR systems are intelligently designed for deployment in demanding environments where SWaP considerations are key. From one to 18 slots, each chassis leverages a baseline modular concept that addresses critical performance requirements for shock, vibration and thermal management. We work with best-in-class VPX and SOSA module suppliers to provide the foundational system components for a wide range of applications. In house design and manufacture of 3U VPX backplanes support new and emerging SOSA-aligned slot profiles as well as existing VITA 65 slot profiles. Designs include full and half width apertures for VITA 66 and 67 optical and RF interconnects.  Custom I/O panels are the norm for VPX systems and our design team will layout the I/O panel including connector options for 1GbE, 10GbE, RF and optical signaling for your application. Direct connect I/O panel to backplane designs improve signal integrity and eliminate most internal cabling for improved shock and vibration performance. 

For system integration, our experienced and engaging staff can provide payload integration that enables out of the box installation and testing of your application specific hardware and software.

  • Complete development to deployment products and services
  • Proven designs for VPX and SOSA-aligned board payloads
  • Streamlined systems development efforts

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