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Leonardo DRS advances tactical radar technology for multi-mission defense capabilities (video)


May 09, 2024

SOF WEEK 2024, TAMPA, Florida. Leonardo DRS showcased its advanced RADA tactical ground radars at SOF Week 2024, emphasizing their multifunctional capabilities tailored for Department of Defense and partner military applications.

As Charlene Caputo, VP of Business Development for Leonardo DRS, explain, these software-defined radars support a variety of missions simultaneously, including the newly awarded Iron Fist project that integrates the Advanced Compact Hemispheric Radar (aCHR / RPS-620) for simultaneous active protection and counter-UAS operations.

With a strong focus on AI integration, Leonardo DRS is enhancing threat classification and prioritization, allowing operators to distinguish between biological and kinetic threats and make semi-autonomous decisions swiftly. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive coverage by filling gaps left by traditional systems, thereby boosting battlefield awareness and responsiveness

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