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3U VPX Chassis is SOSA-Aligned & 100GbE Capable

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3U VPX Chassis This next-generation WILD100™ 7-Slot 3U OpenVPX Chassis (WC3170) is both SOSA™-aligned and 40/100Gb Ethernet capable. The COTS benchtop Chassis, Backplane, and secure Chassis Manager are designed from the ground up to economically speed development of 40/100GbE Systems that are aligned with the SOSA Standard.

The air-cooled Chassis incorporates seven conduction-cooled 3U VPX slots:

  • Four Payload Boards
  • One 100Gb Ethernet Switch
  • One I/O-intensive SBC
  • One VITA 62 power supply delivering up to 700W

Payload slots feature VITA 66.5C and VITA 67.3C connectivity, and optional MIL-DTL-38999 circular connectors with 19 RF connections. Other cabling options are also available, including fiber optic.

These SOSA-aligned Backplane profiles are available:

  • Payload Profile: SLT3-PAY-1F1U1S1S1U1U2F1H-14.6.11-n
  • Payload Profile: SLT3-PAY-1F1F2U1TU1T1U1T-14.2.16
  • Switch Profile: SLT3-SWH-6F1U7U-14.4.14

The Chassis Manager is SOSA-aligned and VITA 46.11 compliant, and utilizes a Xilinx UltraScale+™ ZU5EG MPSoC running Linux for CHmC. Standard Chassis Manager application development support is delivered with all systems. An optional full Board Support Package enables customization of Zynq PS and PL, and provides a fast and robust HDL-based environment.

Annapolis maintains a full WILD100 EcoSystem of 100GbE products that are SOSA-aligned and proven in the field. The following 3U OpenVPX products are optimized to operate in this new WC3170 Chassis, or are readily integrated into any SOSA-aligned 3U VPX system.

The following 6U OpenVPX products are optimized to operate in the WC60G0 Chassis, or are readily integrated into any SOSA-aligned 6U VPX system.

Annapolis high-performance products are designed for advanced HPC, ISR, and multi-function EW applications, including phased array radar, cybersecurity network processing, DRFM, beamforming, sensor processing, wireless communication, and radar signal processing.

All Annapolis products are designed and manufactured in USA.

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