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Elma’s CMOSS & SOSA Aligned 12-Slot Development Platform

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3U OpenVPX development platform
3U OpenVPX development platform is aligned with SOSA 1.0. It supports the latest profiles of both SOSA and CMOSS. Elma’s 3U 12-slot backplane slots include: 2 I/O intensive SBC, 7 primary payload, 1 radial clock, 2 switch and 2 power. Includes VITA 67.3 RF and optical I/O modules for high-speed connectivity.

This 3U OpenVPX development platform provides slot profiles aligned with the Sensor Open Standards Architecture™ (SOSA) Technical Reference Standard 1.0. It supports the latest profiles used to develop systems that follow the hardware requirements of both SOSA and CMOSS (C5ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards).

At the heart of the system is Elma’s 3U 12-slot OpenVPX backplane with the latest plug-in profiles (PICs) aligned to the SOSA standard 1.0 and CMOSS: 2 I/O-intensive SBC slots, 7 primary payload slots, 1 radial clock, 2 switch and 2 power slots. The backplane features VITA 67.3 RF and optical I/O modules for high-speed connectivity.

Streamline your development efforts and shorten your time to deployment. Payload boards are available as part of the platform. Choose from a growing ecosystem of processor, network, network timing and power supply modules designed to align with SOSA 1.0 and CMOSS.


  • 12-slot OpenVPX backplane aligned with SOSA 1.0 & CMOSS profiles
    • Two versions: legacy and 12 Volt centric power rails
  • Elma’s built-in VITA 46.11 Chassis Manager for intelligent system health monitoring
  • Choice of slot guides for either conduction- or air-cooled boards or a mix of both
  • Front and rear fan trays with 12 VDC fans
  • Front panel on/off switch, reset switch, voltage LEDs and test points
  • Maintenance ports routed to connector on rear of backplane, brought out via breakout cable for board diagnostics and configuration
  • NVMRO and Zeroize Switches
  • AC operation with power cord
  • Choose from a range of Plug-In Cards (PICs) aligned with SOSA profiles
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