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Top military embedded blogs & columns of 2017


December 22, 2017

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

Our most popular columns, blogs, and guest blogs on from 2017 were penned by guest bloggers from VITA, Per Vices Corp., Themis Computer, and by our editorial staff on subjects such as potential wars with the F-35, the Trump Administration, drone landings on moving targets, the counter-UAV market, and more.

The most-read blog from the archives is once again "Static routing vs dynamic routing on Ethernet networks" written by Ronen Isaac of Milsource.

Top 10 published in 2017:

1: Radar cross section: The measure of stealth by Ray Alderman, VITA

2: Generations of fighter aircraft and the F-35 vs F/A-18 arguments by Ray Alderman, VITA

3: Landing drones on moving targets by Sally Cole, Military Embedded Systems

4: President Trump, sequestration, and the COTS market by John McHale, Military Embedded Systems

5: Open architecture and reuse initiatives make economic sense by John McHale, Military Embedded Systems

6: The emergence of software-defined radar technology by Stephanie Chaio, Per Vices Corp.

7: Aircraft carriers are just big fat targets by Ray Alderman, VITA

8: Counter-UAV market heats up by John McHale, Military Embedded Systems

9: The key to preparing vehicles for A-PNT by Alan Simmonds, Themis Computer

10: Unmanned aircraft certification challenges by Mariana Iriarte, Military Embedded Systems