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DGS to unveil AIRDEFENSE 6.0 Counter-UAS system

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September 04, 2019

With the increasing proliferation of hobbyist drones, concerns about them crashing into passenger flights have been on the rise. The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College identified more than 1000 encounters between manned aircraft and drones in American airspace during 2013-15. Over 300 of these were serious enough to be classified under the FAA's official definition of 'near midair collisions.' The rest happened to be sightings that were reported by airspace traffic controllers or pilots.

While the risks of aircraft-drone collisions haven't been studied in great detail, unlike bird strikes, there's a good probability that UAS (medium-sized unmmaned aerial system) could damage aircraft engines in mid-flight conditions or damage an aircraft's windscreen.

Dynamite Global Strategies Inc (DGS) has announced its latest AIRDEFENSE version that would improve and upgrade the firm's abilities to negate and detect risky and life-threatening problems caused by hostile drones.

DGS incorporated findings sourced from government and private customers for creating solutions that were ideal for end-users looking for counter-UAS technology, designed to defeat, track, locate, and detect unwanted drones automatically.

Improving the detection range and speed, expansion of AIRDEFENSE's proprietary data base & integrating the entire drone-detection package in one seamless interface happened to be the primary objectives of DGS when they were enhancing the capability of AIRDEFENSE 6.0. Additionally, AIRDEFENSE is also able to attack individual UAS, irrespective of the frequency band used by them during a counter-drone countermeasure.

The demand of AIRDEFENSE 6.0 Counter-UAS system has continued to grow, thanks to its sustained partnerships with agencies and organizations like NASA, FAA, US DoD, and the EU. It is calibrated and time-tested, based on the deployment environment, and is easily installable for protection of fixed sites or mobile convoys.

DGS's US headquarters is located in the city of Las Vegas, with Beijing, China as its international headquarters. It is responsible for developing AIRDEFENSE, an anti-UAS technology that has been designed to take over, track, locate, and detect UAS controls automatically along with the discovery of operator locations. DGS currently has partnerships with the NIAS, the FAA, NATO, the US Marines, and the EU.

About Dynamite Global Strategies, Inc

Dynamite Global Strategies, Inc delivers an integrated multi-sensor package to system integrators comprising the Urban Dynamite (UD) drone detection radars plus cameras, thermal image cameras, RF detection and C2 (Command and Control) software solutions - the world's leading fully integrated military grade Detect, Track, Identify, and Defeat counter drone solution. Its ITAR-free systems are used worldwide in defense, government, public safety, commercial sectors for homeland security, border security, critical infrastructure protection, and in various military applications and missions.


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