Military Embedded Systems

Autonomous minesweepers to detect various types of sea mines


January 20, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

U.K. Ministry of Defense photo.

UNITED KINGDOM. The Combined Influence Minesweeping (SWEEP) system designed by Atlas Elektronik U.K., will be the Royal Navy’s first uncrewed minesweeper, according to officials. It will be designed to allow personnel to neutralize mines from a remote and safe distance at sea while on operations worldwide.

The company claims that SWEEP will detect more modern and smarter digital sea mines, which target ships and submarines passing overhead. Each SWEEP system comprises an Autonomous Surface Vessel that tows a sensor unit behind it.

The unit uses magnetic, acoustic, and electric technology to identify and neutralize different types of sea mines. The system is controlled by a Portable Command Center which can be based at sea or on land.

The first system will be delivered in late 2022 and will enter operational evaluation before service at a later date.

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