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UUVs ordered by Britain's navy intended to work in tandem with manned subs - News

December 05, 2022

PORTSMOUTH, U.K. Britain's navy has announced that it will field what it says will be the largest and most complex unmanned submarine operated by a European navy; the goal, say officials, is for the uncrewed submarine to work side-by-side with traditional crewed submarines or independently. 


Fighter jet sensor in development with United Kingdom and Japan - News

February 16, 2022

UNITED KINGDOM and JAPAN. The U.K. and Japan have today signed a Letter of Arrangement (LOA) to jointly conduct cooperative research on a fighter jet sensor, and officials claim that the partners will aim to acquire cutting-edge sensor technology to detect lethal threats.


Future Combat Air System Tempest begins concept and assessment phase - News

July 30, 2021

UNITED KINGDOM. The Ministry of Defense has signed a contract with British industry Team Tempest partners aiming to drive forward the next phase of the major national and international endeavor to develop the next generation of combat air.


AI-powered engine used in Army operation with Ministry of Defense - News

July 06, 2021

UNITED KINGDOM. Officials from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced that soldiers from the 20th Armored Infantry Brigade used an artificial intelligence (AI) engine designed to provide information on the surrounding environment and terrain during a recent exercise.


Autonomous systems innovation goal of UK robotics organization - News

May 25, 2021

UNITED KINGDOM. The Expeditionary Robotics Center of Expertise (ERCoE) has been launched by Defense Equipment and Support (DE&S) in collaboration with the British Army. Officials claim the ERCoE will aim to bring together robotics and autonomous systems experts from across defense, government, academia, and industry and aligns with DE&S’ strategy to deliver the edge through people, technology, and innovation.


AI-powered battlefield tools from Elbit Systems will supply British armed services - News

January 21, 2021

HAIFA, Israel. Elbit Systems UK, the UK subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has won a contract worth approximately $137 million (approximately 100 million pounds) with Britain's Defense Ministry to provide the British armed forces with the future target-acquisition solution for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Fire Support Teams under the Dismounted Joint Fires Integrators (D-JFI) program. 


Autonomous minesweepers to detect various types of sea mines - News

January 20, 2021

UNITED KINGDOM. The Combined Influence Minesweeping (SWEEP) system designed by Atlas Elektronik U.K., will be the Royal Navy’s first uncrewed minesweeper, according to officials. It will be designed to allow personnel to neutralize mines from a remote and safe distance at sea while on operations worldwide.