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TALON 135 gyro-stabilized weapon platform on display at SOF Week 2024


May 08, 2024

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

SOF WEEK 2024, TAMPA, Florida. Engineers at Paradigm SRP are showcasing their TALON 135 gyro-stabilized weapon platform at SOF Week 2024 at the Tampa Convention Center on the Zodiac boat in the South Docks, #11.

The TALON 135 is intended for precise shooting applications from moving and stationary vehicles. Qualified for helicopter use, it is equally capable from ground vehicles, sea vessels, and ins static emplacements. It is designed with advanced stabilization technology for sniper and marksman applications.

The TALON’s lightweight man portable capability allows it to be quickly mounted in helicopters, boats, vehicles, or static ground positions. It’s compact size and weight enables it to be carried by hand or in a dedicated backpack which affords ease of transportation, deployment, and concealment, according to the company.

Armament size and caliber: Machine guns: M240 7.62 GPMG, .338 LWMMG, M2A1/M@HB .50 BMG, M134 Minion, 40mm MGL

Features include:

  • Quick disconnect mount
  • Quick attachment/detatchment of weapon
  • Multi mode, multi target auto tracking
  • Night vision compatibility
  • Adjustable mechanical hard-stops
  • Remote tuning, diagnostics, and firmware updates
  • Multiple power options: AC, dC, and battery
  • MIL-SPEC cables and connectors
  • BNC video outputs for downlinking or recording
  • Stand-alone power capability
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