Military Embedded Systems

How to Deploy AI Datacenters in Planes, Trains, Ships and Automobiles


November 13, 2020

John Cox at PureB2B discusses bringing the power of AI to the field with no performance compromises. Technologies such as advanced high-performance computing, storage, and connectivity can be packaged in compact, ruggedized enclosures that fit into planes, trains, ships, tracked vehicles, cars, trucks, and utility trailers.

Through strategic working relationships with technology vendors such as NVIDIA and others, One Stop Systems (OSS) has access to the latest advances in graphics processing units (GPUs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), NVMe solid state storage, and other key components. OSS can condense the capabilities of large-scale data centers into compact, portable, rugged systems that can handle real-time AI data volumes without sacrificing speed or performance.

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