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In Memory of John J. Peters - Other

November 20, 2009
The John J. Peters Student Innovation fund has been established in memory of John J. Peters, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Performance Technologies.

Tom Swift would be amazed - Story

October 15, 2008
The breadth and capability of communications are increasing at an exponential rate. About half of the world's population now has access to a mobile phone, and millions of new subscribers are added weekly. Communication for the average person is becoming increasingly wireless, and the silicon, software, and infrastructure to support it are evolving quickly.

The Ethernet bunny - Story

June 24, 2008
While Ethernet is known for its ubiquity, it?s also gaining even more market traction as its 10 GbE version speeds things up.

Technology trends and ruggedized MicroTCA - Story

May 30, 2007
It is likely that ruggedized MicroTCA's target market requirements will be beyond the scope of a single specification. It is also very possible that the committee will develop a series of distinct but interrelated specifications.

MicroTCA: High performance in a small package - Story

December 01, 2006
MicroTCA was originally conceived as a smaller, lower-cost cousin to AdvancedTCA, and telecom as its primary market. Since the specification has been ratified, a high degree of interest for nontelecom applications has surfaced. Prime among them are military applications.

Trends in military computing - Story

October 30, 2005
A changing landscape These are good times for designers of military computer systems, as the range of choices and the breadth of applications and requirements is greater than ever before.
Articles 1 - 6