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MicroMax releases quad-core Intel i7-based PC/104 ATR system


September 05, 2013

MicroMax releases quad-core Intel i7-based PC/104 ATR system

NEW YORK. MicroMax announced the M-Max 810 EP/MMS, a ½ short PC/104 ATR system based on the quad-core Intel i7 processor. The fanless ATR system uses convection and conduction cooling in accordance with MIL-STD-810, and can dissipate up to 60 W of power.

The M-Max 810 EP/MMS has no moving parts for improved shock and vibration resistance. The ATR system can operate under temperatures ranging from -40°C to +55°C and is IP66 rated against dust and humidity.

The quad-core Intel i7 processor provides the M-Max 810 EP/MMS with extended 2D and 3D graphics capabilities through VGA and HDMI interfaces. Data storage is provided through industrial SSD options.

The M-Max 810 EP/MMS is built on the ruggedized M-Max 810 family of PC/104 ATR aluminum chassis. The 810 family is available in multiple sizes, and can accommodate up to 12 PC/104 boards. More information on the product line is available at


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