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GVDU-Mission-Displays Through a unique combination of optically bonded glass, projected capacitive touchscreen (PCAP), and Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) ready features such as bezel buttons and video over Ethernet, the GVDU is a reliable, interoperable solution that reduces system SWaP while increasing mission effectiveness. Backed by decades of industry-leading experience developing reliable, rugged, mission displays for extreme environments and applications, the GVDU off-the-shelf displays available from Curtiss-Wright enable ground vehicle system architects to choose a display that offers the right functionality, in the right size, at the right price.

The GVDU is the only display on the market that uses industry leading smartphone touchscreen technology and maintains reliability during both gloved and wet operation. PCAP multipoint technology enables operators to use familiar smartphone interface techniques to annotate, draw and manipulate screen images, reducing the learning curve while increasing usability. In addition, PCAP screens tend to have a higher shock resistance and a longer life cycle than resistive touch screens which results in a higher reliability and longer useful life. In addition, the unique PCAP technology behind the GVDU enables use in both wet and gloved operation.


With multiple control inputs including Ethernet, GPIO, RS-232/ 422 and USB, and the most widely used video interfaces including DVI-D or analog input, the GVDU offers maximum flexibility to system integrators while being interoperable with the latest turret and downlink solutions on the market.

While an internal processor provides DEF-STAN 00-82 video over Ethernet capability, the bezel buttons along the sides of the displays are positioned based on the GVA standard and are fully programmable via USB. Due to the increased risk of sand and water ingest in land vehicle applications, the GVDU is IP67 rated.  Maintaining a high level of readability in high incident light, the touchscreen has been developed to ensure smooth operation in all conditions. With a variety of sizes available and video over Ethernet streaming capability as per the GVA DEF-STD 0082 digital video standard, the GVDU is perfect for rugged ground vehicle applications.

Though the GVDU was created with the GVA standard in mind, the GVDU can also be used in VICTORY (Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability) architectures. The new line of GVDU displays provide an unparalleled combination of integration, optimized configuration, and longevity of supply at the right price point, while providing a GVA/VICTORY ready solution.

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