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Wind River announces updates to VxWorks MILS Platform at MILCOM


November 19, 2013

MILCOM, SAN DIEGO, CA. Wind River has announced updates to its VxWorks MILS Platform for securing critical infrastructure. The updated version includes features for embedded systems on multi-core processors and a security evaluation evidence package for unicore-based systems that may undergo a high assurance, system-level security evaluation.

The VxWorks MILS Platform provides an operating runtime designed for systems that have high assurance, performance, and security requirements. The platform ensures maximum security by enforcing time and space resource allocation, information flow control, and fault isolation so that the system will conform to the security policies as defined by its security architects and system integrators.

Paul Chen, Senior Director of Product Management for Wind River, says of the VxWorks MILS Platform, “It enables security-critical applications, carrying potentially confidential or mission-critical data, to coexist on the same system with medium- or low-security applications, which may connect to non-secure channel. By sharing a single hardware platform among multiple applications, customers can significantly reduce the costs of the system by reducing Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements, allowing devices and systems to be more cost effective to develop, deploy, operate, and maintain.”

For more information, visit Wind River at MILCOM, booth 515, November 18-20, or visit


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