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Spirit Electronics now offers authorized distribution for U.K.-based ISOCOM Limited


June 07, 2024

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

PHOENIX, Ariz. Spirit Electronics, an end-to-end supply-chain services company, announced that it now offers authorized distribution for ISOCOM Limited, an optoelectronics and microelectronics manufacturer based in the U.K. that serves the defense and aerospace industries.

According to the Spirit announcement, ISOCOM's products hold flight heritage in space and offer users a range of solutions, including hermetically packaged and radiation-hardened solutions for optocouplers, power MOSFETs, solid-state relays, and voltage regulators. 

ISOCOM components have undergone radiation testing through NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; additionally, the company offers rad-hard space-grade products screened to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K and MIL-PRF-19500 JANS specifications.

ISOCOM Limited was founded in 1980 by CEO and Managing Director Thomas Bayat; in the intervening years, the company has supported such space programs as the International Space Station, Galileo, and the European Space Agency’s ExoMars PanCam rover.

“ISOCOM offers high-reliability components that will support the growing New Space sector, including diverse space and satellite applications,” stated Spirit CEO Marti McCurdy. She noted that Spirit manages ITAR and domestic supply-chain requirements as ISOCOM’s authorized distributor so that these high-rel products are more readily available in the U.S. market.

In addition to authorized distribution of ISOCOM and other manufacturers, Spirit provides MIL-STD-883 testing, radiation testing, foundry services, ASIC programs, and circuit-card assembly to support space programs from commercial satellite missions to government-commercial partnerships.

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