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Articles related to AdaCore

Software analyzes run-time and logic errors - Product

February 14, 2018
CodePeer is an Ada source code analyzer that detects run-time and logic errors. Developed by Adacore, it assesses potential bugs before program execution, serving as an automated peer reviewer, helping to find errors at any stage of the development life cycle. The goal of CodePeer, say Ada...

Formal program verification in avionics certification - Story

February 24, 2017
Five years after the official adoption of the new DO-178C/ED-12C standard and its supplements, including the DO-333/ED-216 supplement on formal methods, no avionics-certification project has yet acknowledged using this new supplement. However, formal method technologies do exist that would ease the development of avionics software.

Building trust in a model-based automatic code generator - Story

August 16, 2016
How do you go about building trust in an automatic code generator used for safety-critical systems? For example, given a code generator that takes a real-time model for a flight control system represented in Simulink and Stateflow and turns it into MISRA C or the SPARK subset of Ada, what process could ensure that the [...]

Ada Watch: Bringing Ada onto the battlefield - Blog

July 28, 2014
The growth in smartphones and tablets is radically changing the face of military technology. As in civilian life, the power of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) handheld devices is enabling fast, frontline access to systems that previously required larger, bulkier computers. For example, ruggedized phones and tablets now have the processing power to access mission-critical command and control and communication systems, while being portable enough to fit into a pocket. In these systems the original operating system (OS) and consumer-oriented applications are replaced by customized versions that include domain-specific software using proprietary and/or confidential algorithms.

AdaCore launches free online programming university - News

October 31, 2013
NEW YORK. AdaCore recently launched a free online resource center called AdaCore University, created for anyone interested in learning about the Ada programming language. The website offers learn-at-your-own-pace pre-recorded courses, with access to AdaCore’s GNAT Ada toolset for writing and running example programs.

Ada Watch: Choosing the right Ada subset for strong static guarantees - Blog

August 13, 2013
While Ada offers many features that act as safety guards at run time, by raising exceptions when a violation is detected, some of these features may be too complex to guarantee a safe execution before the program is run. This is the case for example of pointers, which may be used to create arbitrarily complex shared data structures in memory. SPARK is a subset of Ada that forbids these features, most notably pointers, in order to be able to provide strong guarantees at compile time. A preview of the next revision of SPARK called SPARK 2014 is already available, as well as the associated verification tools.

Completion of Project Hi-Lite to improve verification for high integrity systems - News

May 30, 2013
PARIS and NEW YORK. AdaCore has announced the completion of Project Hi-Lite, a joint research project focused on enhancing formal verification for multi-language, open-source software projects that require safety certification. Leveraging Airbus verification methods and industry tools, Project Hi-Lite combined formal proofs with testing and static analysis to improve the development of high integrity software. In the process, the Hi-Lite project also produced the first tools capable of integrating testing and formal verification for Ada and C programs.