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Articles related to AdaCore

Securing military embedded systems is a giant challenge - Story

October 08, 2020

Updating and patching security vulner­abilities to limit the attack surface for the military’s embedded systems – especially legacy ones – can be a daunting task.


Tactical UAS for Europe will use AdaCore software tools - News

September 08, 2020

NEW YORK. AdaCore, which makes mission-critical software development and verification tools, announced that Airbus Helicopters (Marignane, France) has selected the GNAT Pro tool suite and the Ada programming language to develop new software components for the VSR700 prototype project; the VSR700 is Airbus Helicopters’ tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS) aimed at the demanding requirements of modern navies and armies around the world.


AdaCore announces extended support for Wind River VxWorks - News

March 12, 2019
AEROSPACE TECH WEEK 2019 -- MUNICH. Software-development and -verification tool company AdaCore has announced the roadmap of its flagship GNAT Pro Ada Development Environment for the latest version of the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS), with immediate support for the ARM 64-bit processor.

Portable, reliable, and efficient concurrency: Ravenscar Ada tasking and the FACE safety profiles - Story

November 28, 2018
Airborne systems that need a small footprint or must comply with an industry assurance standard such as DO-178B [1] or DO-178C [2] are sensitive to size and complexity costs in the run-time support libraries. To answer these needs, the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE?) Technical Standard [4] has designated the Ravenscar subset of the Ada programming language?s tasking features as one of the acceptable concurrency approaches for a software component that must satisfy safety and/or security assurance requirements.