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Articles related to AdaCore

Ada language gets attention outside of military circles - Other

March 01, 2012
Designers of tools for the Ada programming language say there is a lot of interest at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany this year for Ada among medical system designers.

GNAT Pro 7.0 Ada language tool released by Adacore - News

March 01, 2012
NUREMBERG, Germany. AdaCore officials released the latest version of their Ada development environment tool ? GNAT Pro 7.0 this week at the Embedded World show in Nuremberg, Germany. The new version implements and supports the upcoming Ada language revision ? Ada 2012.

Should we put up with software that doesn't work? - Story

September 02, 2011
We are used to software that dismally fails. What is surprising is that we accept this as reasonable. It is time to stand up and say we are not going to put up with this anymore. There is no excuse for junk software.

COTS software in critical systems: The case for Freely Licensed Open Source Software - Story

December 09, 2010
COTS software helps reduce development costs for large, long-lived systems, but COTS does not mean proprietary. Freely Licensed Open Source Software (FLOSS) brings COTS benefits but without the restrictions and vendor tie-in typical of proprietary products.

Software warranties -- A new era? - Story

September 23, 2009
When anyone buys a television, a car, or even a ballpoint pen, the purchaser expects it to work properly. This assumption is backed by the legal machinery of warranties and consumer protection legislation. So software carries the same protection, right? Wrong! Historically, commercial software products have been sold with absolutely no claims that they are fit for purpose or free of vulnerabilities. But that might be changing, thanks to several factors.

'Legacy' is not a four-letter word - Story

January 14, 2009
Although people often have a negative attitude about so-called "legacy" code, the widespread use of legacy software is one of success. It not only reduces effort, but also increases reliability. Modern programming languages that promote reuse of existing code strengthen this tradition.

Ada matters! - Story

May 09, 2008
The computing industry is rather peculiar: If a technology is not the latest and greatest, people think it has vanished entirely. You can, for example, often meet otherwise knowledgeable people who think that mainframes and COBOL have completely disappeared.