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Articles related to AdaCore

GNAT Pro 7.1 release includes Ada 2012 support, other enhancements - News

April 25, 2013
SAN JOSE, CA. A new release of the GNAT Pro multi-language development environment has been released by AdaCore. GNAT Pro 7.1 is a Freely Licensed Open Source Software (FLOSS) that includes enhancements in Ada language features, new tools, and run-time improvements over previous versions.

DO-332, the Liskov Substitution Principle, and local type consistency ramp up DO-178 certification - Story

March 12, 2013
DO-332, the DO-178C standard's supplement on Object-Oriented Technology (OOT) and related techniques, analyzes the issues raised by object orientation in safety-critical software and supplies new guidance to deal with OOT's vulnerabilities. An important new objective of DO-332 is "Local Type Consistency Verification," which exploits a type theory result known as "the Liskov Substitution Principle" and helps address some of the key certification challenges raised by OOT's dynamic flexibility.

Ada Watch: Getting the right programming language for the job - Blog

March 05, 2013
Ada is a strongly typed language that is a natural choice for developing high-reliability programs. Some languages such as C are good at low-level-programming but not for solving other challenges – as covered in my previous blog. You need to choose the right tool for the job. Instead of using one language or one tool for every problem, you should provide engineers with multiple options for developing high-reliability software – which is where Ada shines.

SecureOne high assurance program from Rockwell Collins uses tools from AdaCore - News

September 19, 2012
BOSTON. Engineers at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, are using the SPARK Pro and GNAT Pro High-Security solutions from AdaCore for the development of SecureOne Guard, a high assurance cross domain guard for military tactical systems. AdaCore officials made the announcement uring the Design East show in Boston this week.

Brazilian combat jet upgrade leverages Ada technology from AdaCore - News

March 27, 2012
SAN JOSE, Calif. Embraer Defense and Security officials selected Ada software from AdaCore for an avionics upgrade. The GNAT Pro Ada development environment will be a primary tool set to help produce the Operation Flight Program for the Embraer AMX Jet Modernization program. Adacore made the announcement at the DesignWest show in San Jose, Calif., this week.

Trusting the tools: An agile approach to tool qualification for DO-178C - Story

March 07, 2012
The new avionics software safety standard DO-178C, along with its supplemental Software Tool Qualification Considerations (DO-330), has clarified and expanded the tool qualification guidance provided in DO-178B. The challenge of maintaining qualification-ready tools throughout a system?s evolution can be expedited through an approach based on agile development principles.