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Mitigating security risks early in the development life cycle - Story

September 04, 2012
By limiting the number of primitives within code, developers can make the process of exploiting software much more difficult for hackers, thereby increasing the cost of exploitation and reducing its likelihood.

Embedded software security testing solution released by Wind River and Coverity - News

February 06, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO AND ALAMEDA, Calif. Officials at Wind River Alameda, Calif., and Coverity in San Francisco have joined hands create a solution that integrates a development testing platform from Coverity into embedded software products from Wind River.

Static analysis improves efficiency, reduces downstream integration costs - Story

April 26, 2010
With modern military systems increasingly relying on software, new techniques are being adopted to decrease costs and increase the chances for mission success. As a result, static analysis has been gaining traction in the software development community based on its deep analysis capabilities before runtime.

Modernizing legacy military systems with top-grade static analysis - Story

October 27, 2009
Outdated legacy code bases in warfare and defense systems create vulnerabilities to safety and prohibit the introduction of new, network-centric technology. With static analysis, these systems can be retrofitted to be high integrity, making devices more technologically competitive.