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Download the white paper: "Cryptographic Ignition Keys: Implementation Methodology and Guidance" - Eletter Product

October 03, 2012
Datakey Electronics is the recognized leader in Crypto Ignition Keys (CIKs). CIKs are rugged portable memory devices that serve as a primary way to restrict access to and de-classify equipment, such as inline network encryptors (data-in-transit) and encrypted hard drives (data-at-rest). Historically, CIKs have been used with Type 1 products certified by the National Security Agency (NSA), but have more recently been finding application in other devices utilizing Suite B cryptography.

Catch some rays - but don-t lose your memory - Product

December 07, 2010
When planning for application and system security, military embedded systems designers have to think out of the box about what will go in the box.