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General Micro Systems, Inc.

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General Micro Systems, Inc.
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Integrated panel PC solves many challenges in limited-space battlefield applications - Story

August 04, 2017
Saving space in cramped ground vehicles is as "simple" as combining computers and displays into one chassis - once the new system challenges that arise are managed.

Rugged 19-inch display for harsh environments - Product

March 07, 2017
The RuggedView SD19-1002 by General Micro Systems integrates a 19-inch diagonal display with a fourth-generation Core i7 processor. The workstation is contained in a ruggedized, conduction-cooled, fully sealed system with an ultrabright display and Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS). The R...

General Micro Systems' S2U replaces 15U of equivalent server rack functions - News

February 22, 2017
SAN DIEGO. Officials at General Micro Systems, Inc. (GMS) announced that the company's S2U "King Cobra" 2U short rack can replace up to 15U of equivalent server rack functions. The announcement was made during this year's Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) WEST 2017 conference.

Clock-throttling isn't the answer: Innovative thermal design supports real-time military application needs - Story

July 21, 2016
The extended temperature requirements of many military applications often mean slowing down the clock of a hot CPU. Clock-throttling of today's powerful processors works against military users' needs for high performance, but reliability and size/weight requirements of typical systems leave them few other valid choices. Instead, innovative cooling-system design offers the full advantage of high-performance processors without running over the device's recommended temperature range.

DoD budget impact on COTS - Story

March 31, 2016
Every month the McHale Report will host an online roundtable with experts from the defense electronics industry ? from major prime contractors to defense component suppliers. Each roundtable will explore topics important to the military embedded electronics market. This month our roundtable of industry experts discuss how the slight increase in the Department of Defense?s (DoD?s) overall Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 budget request affects embedded commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics providers. Also discussed are which applications are best bets for COTS, market fluctuations, risk management, and predictions for potential defense budgets under a Clinton or Trump administration.