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General Micro Systems, Inc.

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General Micro Systems, Inc.
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X9 SPIDER by General Micro Systems, Inc. - Product

October 11, 2021

The “X9 SPIDER” is available in two 3U OpenVPX versions, each of which offers more I/O, processing, and add-on co-processing than is found on two 6U-sized boards (VME or OpenVPX). The 2-slot X9 SPIDER VPX-HS version uses dual 1-inch pitch slots for I/O, power and conduction cooling, and has over 455 Gbps of external bandwidth across 13 ports. The 1-slot (1-inch pitch) conduction-cooled X9 SPIDER VPX-S offers 11 ports and 255 Gbps of I/O bandwidth. Each version represents a complete computer system, replacing two or more 6U modules. This is unheard of for 3U OpenVPX, which is complimented for its small size but then criticized for the lack of user I/O to the backplane. GMS has solved this 3U OpenVPX I/O problem, freeing users to take advantage of 3U’s size, weight and power (SWaP) advantages without the limitations of P1/P2 I/O. Of course, both X9 SPIDER products use VITA 65 profiles, and were developed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard.


VME120 SBCs providing tech refresh to naval systems - News

February 26, 2020
RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. General Micro Systems (GMS) announced that it's new VME120 single-board computer (SBC) family is compatible with multiple generations of currently deployed VME boards. This enables U.S. Navy platforms to be upgraded to include the latest Intel processing and graphics performance while maintaining backward compatibility with long-running legacy programs.