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Amp for low-level sensor telemetry data in communication satellites - Product

August 01, 2017
Intersil?s ISL70617SEH is a high-performance, differential input, differential output instrumentation amplifier aimed at precision analog-to-digital applications. It can operate over a supply range of 8 volts (?4) to 36 volts (?18) and features a differential input voltage...

Readying radiation-hardened ICs for space flight - Story

June 21, 2016
The radiation environment of space presents several challenges for satellites and deep-space flight systems. Acceptance testing of integrated circuits (ICs) ensures predictable performance and prevents system failure while in flight through the various radiation environments encountered in nearly all mission profiles.

Orion spacecraft uses rad-hard ICs from Intersil - News

February 09, 2015
MILPITAS, Calif. The first flight of NASA's Orion spacecraft, dubbed uncrewed Exploration Flight Test 1, made use of 16 radiation-hardened (rad-hard) ICs from Intersil Corp.

Shutting out the noise: Voltage references for precision analog signal paths in space applications - Story

October 08, 2014
When designers are trying to select a component in the signal path of a satellite system, it is often difficult to find a device with both the radiation tolerance and accuracy required. Signal integrity is, after all, the key specification when designing an analog signal chain. The main causes of error to the integrity of the signal chain can be divided into two categories: inaccuracies due to noise and inaccuracies due to shifts in voltage. While it is important to consider all components in the signal path, one component is the most critical in achieving precision performance: the voltage reference.

Rad-hard ultra low dropout linear regulator released by Intersil at NSREC - News

July 10, 2013
SAN FRANCISCO. Engineers at Intersil Corp. in Milpitas, CA announced a new radiation-hardened (rad-hard) ultra low dropout linear regulator -- the ISL75052SEH -- at the Nuclear Space and Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC) in San Francisco this week. The device is single output LDO that is specified for an output current as high as 1.5A.