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Static analysis is going deeper with deep-flow data flow - Interview with Jill Britton, Consultancy Services Group Manager at PRQA - Story

June 22, 2011
In the past 12 months, I've interviewed most of the major static analysis companies and can spot the similarities between their approaches. But in this interview with Jill Britton from PRQA, she tosses out a new-to-me term: deep-flow data analysis. Read on to see how it differs from (or is similar to) other static analysis tools you may be familiar with. Edited excerpts follow.

How good is your compiler (at finding coding defects)? - Story

January 04, 2010
Many believe that if source code compiles cleanly, with all warnings activated, then it is ready to move on to a verification stage such as test or code review. However, it is dangerous to assume that if the code has compiled cleanly, then any errors present must have resulted from the interpretation of the requirements and not their implementation. Wojciech empirically evaluates this assumption and proves that the range of warnings provided by any compiler is extremely limited when compared to those produced by a dedicated static analysis and Coding Standards Enforcement (CSE) tool.