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Dominating the electromagnetic spectrum requires processing and AI innovation - Story

October 06, 2020

Efforts to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) in the military arena are moving forward as manufacturers develop innovative technologies to find actionable needles in the crowded electromagnetic intelligence haystack. Cognitive capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), and similarly cutting-edge developments have opened a new chapter in electronic warfare (EW), and so too has the need to keep pace with adversarial advancements.


Fourth gen defense-grade FPGA and SoC secure architecture released by Xilinx - News

November 01, 2012
Xilinx has announced the fourth-generation secure architecture for All Programmable Zynq-7000 SoCs and defense-grade 7 series FPGAs. Outfitted with Anti-Tamper IP core support and Information Assurance, the off-the-shelf 28 nm process technology devices are reprogrammable and offer low-cost defense-grade solutions for developers of secure Defense and Aerospace systems.

Rad-hard SRAM FPGAs enable vast improvements in space exploration - Story

June 01, 2012
As purpose-built Radiation Hard (RH) ASICs fall farther and farther behind in device technology and with their associated development costs and risks spiraling out of control, SRAM-based FPGAs present an ever-more attractive alternative for space applications and systems, also beating out traditional microprocessors and microcontrollers, DSPs, or One-Time Programmable (OTP) FPGAs.

Xilinx becomes master of their own domain; App Store to follow - Story

April 29, 2011
Throughout 2011 Xilinx has been furiously announcing new targeted design platforms, tools, and high-density stacked chips. They've also not squelched rumors that they'll get into the SoC/ASSP business if the volume is right. I pulled aside their chief marketing guru Brent Przybus at a Xilinx press event where he casually provided the following information. Edited excerpts follow.

Case study: Secure FPGA technology enables UAV communications and control - Story

April 11, 2011
Single-chip cryptography enables a cost-effective implementation of a UAV command and control system in a single FPGA. Partial reconfiguration capabilities in the programmable IC add SWaP-C savings because a less-dense, lower-power FPGA can host the design.