Military Embedded Systems

API Technologies' new switched multiplexer designed for radar, ELINT, and EW applications


January 09, 2014

Amanda Harvey

Assistant Editor

Military Embedded Systems

ORLANDO, FL. API Technologies has released a switched multiplexer with an integrated Low Noise Amplifier (LNA). The new multiplexer was designed for Electronics Intelligence (ELINT), Electronic Warfare (EW), and radar applications, and provides broadband performance across 2 GHz to 18 GHz range using Suspended Substrate Stripline (SSS) technology.

Product Line Manager, RF/Microwave & Microelectronics (RF2M-US) for API Technologies, Rebecca McCarron, says: "By incorporating SSS technology into high performance and versatile integration mediums, API facilitates the combination of filters and active functions on a single substrate. SSS technology is ideal for broadband diplexers and multiplexers because of its superior design flexibility and low loss.”

API’s switched multiplexer is also specifically designed for use with directional finding systems and agile receiver front ends. The switched multiplexer enables fast switching at 100 nanoseconds, with low DC power consumption of 5.25 W, and provides 20 dB gain with a 5 dB noise figure. The multiplexer’s sub-octave filter bands provide harmonic rejection and high isolation.

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