Military Embedded Systems

Lincad selected to supply batteries to U.K. Ministry of Defense


July 05, 2018

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image by Lincad

ASH VALE, Surrey. Team Leidos officials placed an order with U.K. supplier of power management systems Lincad for a range of primary cells and batteries for the U.K. Ministry of Defense (MoD).

In addition, Lincad will be employing its capacity to package and label supplied product for all modes of transport, including full adherence with the stringent IATA regulations. The batteries consist of mainly lithium as well as some other cell chemistries, most of these products must be suitable for mission-critical environments and therefore have to be approved to U.K. Defense Standards.

Lincad has been supplying a range of primary cells and batteries to the MoD since 2010 and this present contract is set to run for three years with the possible option of a one-year extension.

Team Leidos, led by Leidos Europe Ltd, is helping to implement the MoD’s Logistic Commodities & Services Transformation (LCS[T]) program which is designed to enhance and improve the UK’s defence supply chain.


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