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VPX Backplanes: Custom and standard profiles for demanding defense applications

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VPX Backplanes: Custom and standard profiles for demanding defense applications

LCR designs and builds 3U and 6U VPX backplanes that support mission critical applications in the defense industry. We’ve supplied over 45 custom and standard backplane profiles that support new and emerging SOSA-aligned slot profiles as well as existing VITA 65 / VITA 46 slot profiles. Our experienced engineering staff will work with you to develop the specific profile to support the data flow and slot profiles necessary for your targeted application. Our backplanes ensure the highest levels of signal integrity at 10Gbps data rates with ongoing efforts to support speeds up to 25Gbps per lane. Designs include full and half width apertures for VITA 66 and 67 optical and RF interconnects.

We offer power and ground pass through backplanes for your initial development efforts or backplanes pre-populated with selected slot profiles for late stage application development. LCR offers VPX cabling solutions from Meritec and our engineers can guide you through cable options for your application. As a leader in chassis designs for rugged environments, LCR can advance your program timeline with custom SWaP optimized, fully integrated ATR and rackmount solutions.  

  • Slot counts from 1 through 18
  • Custom topology supporting your payload module profiles
  • Power and ground versions for initial development
  • Backplanes pre-populated with selected slot profiles
  • Support for 1000BASE-BX, 1000BASE-KX, 10GBASE-KX4, 10GBASE-KR, or 40GBASE-KR4

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