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The Raspberry Pi SWaP-C revolution: driving battlefield IoT - Story

December 01, 2022

For more than ten years, the educational, industrial, and hobbyist markets have embraced the small-form-factor Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC) as a preferred low-cost, low-power tool that lowers the barrier for deploying intelligence and connectivity just about anywhere that imagination directs. The result is a ubiquitous platform, with more than 45 million units sold. Today, these tiny cards are helping to make the Internet of Things (IoT) concept a reality.


A fully integrated COTS approach for PNT to ground vehicles in GPS-denied environments - Story

June 07, 2018
Growing awareness of the potential vulnerabilities introduced by the military's dependence on GPS data has driven demand for new deployed approaches for detecting threats to GPS and providing position, navigation, and timing (PNT) information to the warfighter in GPS-denied environments.

SiGe-based ADCs/DACs double COTS Electronic Warfare processing performance - Story

February 11, 2013
Silicon-Germanium enters analog and digital converters to up processing and Probability of Intercept (POI) for COTS-based EW applications.
Articles 1 - 6