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Intellisense Systems announces release of 3ATI SED avionics display - News

January 20, 2022

TORRANCE, Calif. Intellisense Systems, Inc., provider of multi-function avionics display systems, announced the release of the 3ATI Standby Engine Display (3ATI SED) that features a high-resolution, active-matrix liquid crystal display and a customizable bezel.


Caldius B-250 aircraft to be equipped with Intellisense Systems modular displays - News

January 11, 2022

TORRANCE, Calif. Intellisense Systems Inc., provider of avionics, including displays, for various aircraft, won a contract to supply the large format primary flight display (PFD) for the Calidus B-250, a light attack combat and training aircraft.


Smart avionics display by Intellisense designed with multi-core processing - News

December 09, 2021

TORRANCE, Calif. Intellisense Systems, Inc., a provider of avionics and multi-function display systems, has introduced the Smart Video Display Terminal 6x8 (SVDT–0608). According to the company, this display integrates a single-board computer, graphics capabilities, I/O, and avionics interfaces.