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Interface Concept
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Optical and electrical high-speed communication in HPEC systems - Story

July 26, 2016
Throughout the defense field, demand for high-volume/high-speed data transfer for high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) is growing rapidly. Systems such as software-defined radio (SDR) use advanced, complex waveforms, all of which need fast sampling and generate huge amounts of data to be transferred. Other tools, such as active electronically scaled array (AESA) radar systems, generate huge amounts of data to be processed and transmitted.

Very high-speed sampling and serial ADCs in embedded systems - Story

May 04, 2016
Latest-generation active electronically scaled array (AESA) radar systems can have thousands of TX/RX modules. High bandwidth is needed to connect each array element data converter to the FPGAs that process incoming and generate outgoing data streams. New software-defined radio systems use advanced reconfigurable modulation schemes that increase channel bandwidths and deliver unprecedented wireless data rates. To increase the performance of software radio and electronic warfare systems, it has become critical to use efficient, low-power, low-pin-count, FPGA-connected converter interfaces.

VPX in high-performance embedded computing - Story

July 16, 2015
Taking advantage of the latest technologies deployed in the commercial high-performance embedded computing environments allow designers to build OpenVPX systems that pack the impressive computing power of tens of GFLOPS while meeting the space and weight limits required in the embedded military and aerospace fields.

New electronic warfare architectures based on tight coupling of FPGA and CPU processing - Story

April 28, 2014
Electronic Warfare (EW) system designers are taking advantage of the performance leaps in commercial technology, driven by high-volume commercial markets such as telecommunications and cloud computing. These components such as FPGAs combine speed, high connectivity, and low power consumption for signal-processing intensive EW platforms such as fighter aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

OpenVPX Single-Board Computer, VPX Giga Ethernet Switch, and 3U VPX Front-End Processing Board - Eletter Product

October 03, 2012
Interface concept, a leading European developer and manufacturer of single-board computers, Ethernet switches, front-end processing boards, graphic and communication boards, is introducing new products, all targeted at the defense and aerospace markets.